What is cadre?

cadre offers successful professionals a new approach to networking. Our primary purpose is to help each other by sharing expertise, exchanging ideas, and connecting one another with remarkable professionals from our respective networks. We foster a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie by developing meaningful new relationships and deepening our existing ones. Together we create a powerful synergy, because when professionals of similar caliber and mindset join forces, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Are you right for cadre?

You might be right for cadre if you’re frustrated with the current networking landscape – the events, the people, the lack of follow-through, etc. – because cadre eliminates these challenges. But this is an exclusive community. For the sake of our members, we limit membership only to those who share our philosophy and our approach to doing business.

Before taking the next step, review the list below carefully. It outlines the type of professional we consider for membership. If it does not describe you, cadre will not be a good fit.

  • You have a successful business. You’re one of the best in your industry, and in a position to focus on developing relationships that add value for your existing clients and network. You are not looking for an easy way to attract new clients.
  • You bring value to the table. Our members are both able and eager to help one another. Are you considered a go-to resource within your network? Do you have experience and knowledge in your field, which you’re willing to contribute to other members? Do you place a high value on connecting your clients to other top professionals?
  • You are a CEO, business owner, or the primary networker at your company. Generally speaking, cadre is not for up-and-coming business development professionals. If, however, your CEO is not client-facing and/or does not engage in developing relationships, we would consider a non-CEO who demonstrates an ability to contribute to our current membership.
  • You make it easy for others to help you. If you have a great business, but cannot articulate how someone can help you, it will be hard for us to contribute to your success. Can you clearly describe your ideal client and the problems you solve? Do you have an online presence that we can use to share information about your business? Do you host events?
  • You’re comfortable with a $500 monthly investment. Most members consider the cost trivial compared to the value that they receive. If this amount sounds like too much to you, then the financial pressure will probably detract from your ability to contribute.

If you’re still with us, great! cadre stands for Connecting Advocates. Deepening Relationships. Exclusively. Here’s what that means:

Connecting Advocates

Events: Our answer to traditional networking events, cadre’s “Un-Networking” events are designed to provide an environment that is conducive to efficiently and effectively meeting remarkable professionals who are genuinely committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Rather than only holding large events that everyone attends, we also host smaller gatherings such as roundtable discussions and member-led presentations. The goal is to always deliver the main things that busy professionals want out of a networking event: Great content, and the opportunity to meet high quality new people and reinforce existing relationships.

“The one thing about cadre that has proved to be the most valuable for me is the various and unique meetings that are excellently arranged and coordinated by Derek and Melanie, where I get the opportunity to build deeper, stronger relationships with people I have already known as well as building new meaningful relationships, where the end goal for everyone is to help others vs. typical networking groups where most folks are there for a self-serving purpose.”

– Mike Matalone, President, Excelsior, Inc.

Extending Your Marketing/Business Development Teams: By having a deep understanding of our members and their businesses, we are able to make recommendations proactively anytime a member has a need.

Deepening Relationships

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to developing relationships is staying top-of-mind with people. When you make a connection, it’s rare that the person has an opportunity for you at that exact moment. And when something comes up six months later, will they remember you? Will they be able to find you? cadre solves this problem by keeping everyone connected.

Private Online Community: Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. lead only to broad, unfocused networks. They are not designed to foster relationships among a highly select group of remarkable professionals. cadre members have access to a private website for continuous relationship-building, enabling them to stay engaged without distraction and easily reach and connect with other members. Our game-changing online platform provides an easy, productive way to find others when you need them and vice-versa.

Follow-Up Support: We’re committed to ensuring that our members turn connections into valuable relationships, so we make it easy. When we host an event, our involvement doesn’t end when everyone goes home. We get feedback from all attendees regarding the relationships they’d like to explore further. Then we follow up with both parties, serving as “accountability partners” by sustaining the level of engagement needed for a new connection to realize its potential and grow into something meaningful.


Exclusivity with regard to cadre membership does not mean one business per industry. On the contrary, we believe that having competitors in the group helps to keep everyone on their toes and focused on their key differentiators.

We are exclusive in a more literal sense: we limit membership to only top-notch professionals who are focused primarily on adding value for others. Soliciting is highly discouraged, though our members have plenty of opportunities to share their stories. When reaching out to other members, the focus is on how you can help, as opposed to how you can promote your business.

cadre membership is by invitation only. We use an application process to help identify the most suitable candidates. Prospective members must display the qualities that will make them an asset to our community. We take the selection of new members very seriously, for if we lower our standards, we do a disservice to our members.

If you believe that you are right for cadre, we welcome you to apply for membership. If we think you have what it takes, we will contact you to set up a phone call to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have.

“I’m not interested in one-way relationships or quick-hit ‘what can you do for me’ networking groups, and cadre helps develop those more meaningful connections with long-term value.”

– cadre member Yanik Silver, Author, Maverick Startup

So you think you have what it takes?

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