Connecting Advocates

The need to continually build and nurture your network by meeting new clients and partners is a fact of business.

Offline, the primary option for most of us to do so is to attend networking events. While there are certainly some great individuals who attend these functions, they can be difficult to identify and get to know, particularly if you do not know many people at the event. Generally the few people you have the opportunity to meet spend a few minutes talking about themselves before handing you their business cards. This rarely leads to a meaningful relationship; however the traditional networking environment makes it very difficult to have meaningful conversations with other professionals.

Often, the best case scenario is that you meet a prospect or potential strategic partner and work toward scheduling an appointment to explore the relationship’s potential. That’s a big commitment of time and money only to end up with a lunch meeting that may or may not go anywhere. After all, you still don’t know much about this person. If you’re having a follow-up meeting, chances are it’s because neither of you annoyed the other by talking in great detail about your own business.

A networking alternative that works

CADRE’s Un-Networking Lunches provide an environment that is conducive for efficiently and effectively meeting other remarkable professionals who are as committed as you are to developing mutually beneficial relationships. Rather than exclusively holding larger events that everyone attends, we host a number of smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Each month you will be invited to attend a “Dutch treat” lunch with approximately 10 other CADRE members. The members in attendance will change each month, ensuring that you consistently meet new people. At the lunch, each member has 6-8 minutes to present the story of their business and how the group can identify potential opportunities for them. The lunches are moderated by CADRE co-founder Derek Coburn who, by intimately knowing your business, can facilitate ideal connections and even chime in if you leave out a key part of your story.