Deepening Relationships

Meeting other remarkable professionals is just the first step to establishing valuable relationships. The rest – developing and maintaining these relationships – takes time and effort.

But most of us have too many demands on our time already. Have you ever met someone who seemed like an ideal strategic partner and then never reconnected once you’ve both returned to your busy lives? It happens to the best of us.

An accountability partner for keeping connections engaged

Just as a personal trainer can help you stay focused on your fitness goals, we believe that committed professionals can benefit by having an “accountability partner,” especially since a relationship demands that both parties stay engaged.

  • How many times have you followed up with a new connection only to receive no reply and have something that started with real potential come to a dead end?
  • Have you ever gone to the trouble of sending a potential strategic partner information about your business and received no response? Did they read it? Did they like it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone follow up with this prospective partner to nudge them, while reminding them that they’re receiving the same type of follow up on their behalf?
  • Have you ever referred someone a potential opportunity and received no feedback or (gasp!) not even a thank you?

There are a number of potential pitfalls along the path from initial connection to meaningful relationship. To help smooth the way, we (Melanie and Derek) will be following up at every turn with you and those with whom you are looking to build relationships. Once a favorable connection has been made, we work with both parties to ensure the proper follow-up takes place.

An extension of your Marketing/PR Department

We will also get involved by proactively recommending and coordinating ways in which CADRE members might collaborate, such as co-hosting client events or creating content to be shared within one another’s networks. We also help to initiate additional connections by proactively connecting members who have not yet met, but have potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

A private website for continuous relationship-building

We consider an online platform essential to building on favorable connections and keeping in touch with strategic partners. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and many others lead only to broad, unfocused networks. They are not designed for exclusively focusing on deepening relationships among a highly select group of remarkable professionals. CADRE’s private website offers a way to stay engaged without all of the distractions.

Member pages: Members each have their own page, where they can include links to their websites, recent articles or blogs, product videos, etc., giving you the opportunity to educate other members about your business while providing them with content that they can use to make introductions on your behalf. Being able to easily access other member’s content is also useful for determining whether they could potentially offer a solution or add value for one of your clients.

Online forum: The site also features a community forum, which provides members an easy way to create or join targeted focus groups around a shared initiative or challenge, or inquire about recommendations for service providers.

Events: Our Event Calendar is an excellent source of worthwhile opportunities for expanding your network and adding value to your existing network. Many remarkable professionals set the intention to attend more networking events. However following through with this intention can be difficult, because even if you are notified of events, you never know whether attending will be worth your while. Since your valuable time is at stake, in the end it often becomes a gamble you are unwilling to take, and you bow out.

CADRE removes the element of risk. We only highlight events that we consider worth attending. You may also add to the calendar with events of your own, or that you recommend. Further, you will be able to see which CADRE members plan to attend, and if you like, reach out to them prior to the event to plan ways that you might help one another get more out of it. All of which helps to ensure that when you make the effort to attend an event, you come away from it with meaningful connections.