To be clear, exclusivity with regard to CADRE membership does not mean one business per industry.

On the contrary we believe that having competitors in the group helps to keep everyone on their toes and focused on their key differentiators. We are exclusive in that we limit access to our community to only top professionals in Washington, DC who are focused on adding value for others.

Soliciting is highly discouraged, aside from the opportunities provided at our Un-Networking Lunches, where attendees are each allowed to present their business. When reaching out to other members, the focus should be on how you can help, as opposed to how you can promote your business.

We use an application process to help us identify the most suitable people for CADRE. Prospective members must display the qualities that will make them an asset to our community. While this process can be somewhat subjective, we take the selection of new members very seriously. If we lower our standards, we do a disservice to our members. Our goal is to facilitate relationships among truly remarkable professionals, and this begins with ensuring that we never compromise the quality of our membership.