Meet Derek & Melanie

Husband and wife team Derek and Melanie Coburn founded CADRE out of a shared passion to connect remarkable professionals with one another.

Derek Coburn

When I have a great experience with a business, I love to tell everyone I know. I also love connecting people. Remarkable businesses are hard to find, and the ones who are great deserve to have people know about them.

Typically if you’re a remarkable professional, you are extremely focused on adding value for your clients – which limits the time you have to market and network. We created cadre as a way for remarkable professionals to connect and develop meaningful relationships with other top professionals efficiently and effectively, with the ultimate goal of working together to promote each other while adding value for their existing clients and network.

My first book, Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards and Start Making Meaningful Connections, is a #1 Amazon bestseller and can be purchased here.

Melanie Coburn

While marketing for the Washington Redskins for over a decade, I’ve built a very diverse network of clients, partners and friends, and have focused on building these relationships over time. I firmly believe that by deepening your existing relationships, you ultimately expand your network by cultivating word-of-mouth marketers among these connections.

I built the business side of the Redskins Cheerleaders from the ground up, as the first person in the NFL to hold this position. After a few years, I found that my job became easier and easier because of the people I partnered and worked with. These famous ladies made memories for people in the DC Metro area and beyond. However, there were quite a few remarkable people behind the scenes, every one of whom was essential to making it all happen.

With the cheerleaders, I used to say I was in the business of smiles. Now, through CADRE, I hope to become a cheerleader for world-class professionals and bring smiles to your faces each time I create an opportunity for you!