Couples Retreat with Philip McKernan

It’s often the qualities we don’t believe we possess that attract us to an intimate partner in life. The old saying ‘opposites attract’ speaks to this.

As the years roll by, we slowly begin to want our partners to change and see the world a little more as we do. Often the spark we had for our partner gets diluted in our pursuit of family, financial or business goals.

The focus then shifts from allowing that person’s spirit to nurture, to instead wanting to get you both on the “same page” or track. We will of course play this down and justify it, but in the end it’s basically control that puts a negative hold on the relationship.

At BraveHeart, we get back to what it is that drew you together and allowed you to individually shine.

Two People. One Life.

CADRE Couples Retreat

Location: Salamander Resort (CADRE block rate $280/night!)

Dates: June 22-24 (Begin mid-afternoon on Wed and wrap up Friday night after dinner/Saturday morning)

Cost: $5,500 per couple (does not include travel or accommodations)

*This event is “by invitation only”. Please contact Melanie or Derek with any questions or concerns.


“Though we’ve been ‘working’ on our relationship for years in therapy, nothing compares to the depth and awareness Philip brings to the table. This retreat was life-changing for us, and gave us a new appreciation for each other unlike we’ve ever had!”  – Melanie Coburn, CADRE

“Just amazing Philip, thank you for that unique and extraordinary program. Every couple, young or old should do this retreat! ” – Dave Brett

“And I really thought we had a good relationship before we went to the retreat … I had no idea how much better it could be. Big hugs & thanks to you Philip.”  – Julie Broad

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