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7 Useful Tips For How To Create A Really Great Corporate Event

June 1, 2012

By Rohit Bhargava   Someone recently asked me to guess how many events I had spoken at in the last 3 years. I honestly can’t remember … and I’m not saying that to try and impress you. The fact is, in the last three years, I have participated in easily more than a hundred corporate events […]

Want to be more likable? Stop being so nice!

May 22, 2012

Cadre’s next Un-Networking event is on June 6 and will feature bestselling author Rohit Bhargava, discussing his new book, Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action, released earlier this week. Likeonomics is about why some people and companies are more believable than others and why likeability is the real secret to […]

A case of the shitz at The Ritz

May 8, 2012

  After attending the always amazing NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Gala at The Ritz-Carlton recently, 20+ cadre members and I headed to the bar to take in the third period of the Caps/Rangers hockey game. Many of us are huge fans and were excited to extend the night watching our favorite team. The game […]

Do you offer to help…or help to offer?

April 24, 2012

I have come across a number of professionals recently who complain that their efforts to help others have not been “paying off” – that, despite their willingness to help, those on the receiving end do not seem appreciative. Upon learning more, it appears their idea of “help” is to give a prospective client free advice […]

Are you a connector, or just well-connected?

March 29, 2012

I am constantly meeting professionals who boast about their “network” or Rolodex, and promise that they can connect me to just about anyone. They say that if I look at their LinkedIn connections and see someone who could help me, they’ll “try” to make an introduction. The funny thing is that most of these so-called […]

WWW – World Wide Widgets

March 2, 2012

WWW – World Wide Widgets Guest post by: Dr. Alan Glazier- Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care- Have you had a “million dollar idea” – a novel business, software or new or improved product of some sort? Some of us are still waiting for that “moment of clarity,” that idea for a “widget” that […]

Tip of the Hat Trick

January 31, 2012

Tip of the Hat Trick I was at a Caps game recently, and one of the skaters recorded a hat trick. For you non-sports fans out there, this is when a player scores three goals in the same game. A longtime hockey tradition calls for “real” fans to throw their hats onto the ice from […]

I Don’t See Why We Have To Meet For Lunch

January 10, 2012

I Don’t See Why We Have To Meet For Lunch For a long time, if someone showed even the slightest interest in my wealth management practice, Washington Financial Group (or just seemed like a potential client), I would ask them if they wanted to grab lunch so we could learn more about each other. I […]

The Case for Charity AND Chocolate

December 7, 2011

The Case for Charity AND Chocolate As the holidays approach, we as business owners must consider how we want to show our appreciation for clients and friends. Should we do what we did last year, or should we possibly revisit what worked well many years ago? When I first began my career in 1998, it […]

I Couldn’t Care Less About Your Elevator Pitch!

September 27, 2011

I Couldn’t Care Less About Your Elevator Pitch! Can we all agree that elevator pitches, when used as suggested, are completely annoying and ineffective? The definition of an elevator pitch is an overview of a product, service or person, designed to get a conversation started. The word I have a problem with is “started.” If […]