There are a variety of ways in which our members are able to benefit from—and contribute to—the CADRE community.

When considering someone for membership, we see ourselves as journalists looking for “big story” potential. Do you have the type of business that could end up on the front page (figuratively speaking) as a result of being in CADRE, and more importantly, could you help make that happen for other members?


We have had members join forces to co-host events, co-author books, and partner on client engagements. Receiving a key introduction or referral is great, but it happens all the time here. The big wins usually come from one member hiring another, or recommending them to a key client. It’s great for the member who received the business, but the front page headlines are a result of the impact they created on the bottom line of the company that hired them.

In addition to the monthly events around one of our primary formats, we facilitate additional opportunities to collaborate with other members.

Hot Seats

On a quarterly basis, we’ll give you the option to participate in a Hot Seat with 4-5 members. You will be paired up with others who have similar business models and/or challenges. Each one of you will have 30 minutes to receive feedback on a current challenge or opportunity.

Brain Trust

Most of our members, who are normally not very accessible, make themselves available over the phone or in person to provide no-strings-attached feedback around their area of expertise. This has proven to be a great resource for many of our members. As challenges and opportunities arise, it is likely there’s someone in CADRE who is an expert in that area and will make themselves available to provide you with ideas and advice.


How you can contribute?

Some prospective members are concerned about their ability to keep their end of the bargain. There are a variety of ways to make meaningful contributions within CADRE, and we are not concerned with exactly how you contribute—only that you bring something of value to the table.

To help determine whether this would be an issue for you, here are a few questions to ask yourself, based on the ways in which our members create value for one another:

  • Do you have experience and knowledge in your field that you’d be willing to share with other members?
  • Are you well-connected and/or considered a go-to resource within your network, which would enable you to make win/win connections between your network and CADRE members?
  • Do you have a large online presence and the ability to create word-of-mouth for other members (if relevant to your audience)?
  • Are you someone who loves being a connector and/or contributing to the success of others?
  • Do you have upcoming challenges or opportunities of your own? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll end up hiring CADRE members to help you address them.

Do you think you qualify?