YOUniversity with Carole Robin

Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues

We are thrilled to welcome Carole Robin, author of Connect and formerly the Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership and Director of the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

What she will be teaching us is “Life Changing & Transformational.” These are the words most often used to describe the course on which her teachings are based. The course is the legendary Stanford Business School course Interpersonal Dynamics (affectionately known as “Touchy Feely”).

Don’t be fooled by the name “Touchy Feely.” Like the students who have taken this course for decades, Carole will be introducing us to tactical and actionable strategies to take your relationships from shallow to exceptional by cultivating authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty, while being willing to ask for and offer help, share a commitment to growth, and deal productively with conflict.

In addition to learning from one of the top experts in the world on connection, you will have opportunities to apply her lessons in real time with other successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs throughout the event.

Praise for Carole and Connect

“Carole Robin and David Bradford are masters at helping people bring IQ and EQ together to satisfy both and be successful.”
RAY DALIO, founder of Bridgewater and author of Principles: Life and Work

“Connect offers a compelling and highly accessible road map for building relationships that lead to professional success and personal fulfillment. I highly recommend this book.”
REID HOFFMAN, co-founder of LinkedIn

“Connect is a practical and timely book I highly recommend that shows us that by learning to connect with ourselves, we can more easily connect with others and build thriving relationships.”
ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

More About Carole Robin

After leaving Stanford, Carole co-founded Leaders In Tech, which brings the principles and process of “Touchy Feely” to executives in Silicon Valley. Prior to coming to Stanford, she had careers in sales and marketing management and was a partner in two consulting firms. She lives in Palo Alto, California, with her husband of 35 years.



May 5, 2021
4:00pm to 6:00pm ET


This is a virtual event.
This event will NOT be recorded.
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