YOUniversity with Scott Stratten

The Business of Awesome (and UnAwesome)

scottstrattenThis talk from his new book covers key business concepts related to marketing, branding, public relations, social media, human resources and customer service. It’s about the authentic touch, and the ability to connect technology with engagement to the level of Awesome. It includes case studies of successful businesses that gained exposure through being awesome and effective. This talk provides actionable tools enabling audience members to apply the concepts immediately to their own businesses. The flip side The Business Of UnAwesome, shares the train-wreck stories of unsuccessful businesses and showcases what not to do.

*ALL ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE A COPY OF SCOTT’s EXCELLENT NEW BOOK “The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome” (a $15 value)*

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This intimate conversation-style session with Scott is will cover a completely different topic: Engagement 2.0. Sales, marketing and customer service have changed incredibly over the past few years and now engagement is king. It’s not “if” you’re customers are talking online, it’s “how often” and “where”. This session walks the audience through the landscape of online engagement both today and what’s coming tomorrow. The audience will have a much clearer picture of what tools will suit their needs and which ones to ignore. From your front-line employees, to angry customers online, the people doing the talking for your brand are no longer so through a press release.

About Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing. He is an expert in Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls Un-Marketing. It’s all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you.

Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager and a Professor at the Sheridan College School of Business, he ran his “UnAgency” for a nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking at events for companies like PepsiCo, Adobe, Red Cross, Cirque du Soleil, Saks Fifth Avenue and Fidelity Investments when they need help guiding their way through the viral/social media and relationship marketing landscape.

He now has over 120,000 people follow his daily rantings on Twitter and was just named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world on It’s the only time he’s felt comfortable being compared to Ashton Kutcher, P Diddy and Justin Bieber. His clients’ viral marketing videos have been viewed over 60 million times and he’s recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Fast Company and was just named one of “America’s 10 Marketing Gurus” by Business Review USA.

His first book “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging” became a national best-seller before it was released, and recently a Globe and Mail #1 Business best-seller, National Post,, and Amazon UK best-seller. It was also just named one of the top business books of the year by 1-800-CEO READ and one of the top 10 books by

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September 27, 2012


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