To be considered for membership, you can request an application via the link below.

Historically, we have charged a one-time investment of $3,000 and $499/month. The investment for our virtual membership is $1,000 upfront and $350/mo.

Our members consider the cost trivial compared to the value that they receive. If this amount sounds like too much to you, then the financial pressure will probably detract from your ability to benefit from—and contribute to—others. Our fee structure is month-to-month so you can discontinue your membership if you ever feel you are no longer getting value by participating (and it gives us the flexibility to ask non-committed members to reconsider their decision to remain active).

This ensures the community always consists only of those who share our member’s commitment and focus. We only want you to remain in CADRE if you truly feel it is a good fit for you.

If you would like to be considered for membership, please complete this brief application, and we will be in touch.