There are a variety of ways in which our members are able to benefit from—and connect with—the CADRE community.

While we have plenty of members who have built, scaled, and sold successful businesses, what makes this community special are the deep connections that take place between our members on a regular basis.

We have had members join forces to co-host events, co-author books, and partner on client engagements. Receiving a key idea or introduction is great, but it happens all the time here.

Many folks in our community refer to their fellow members as their Chosen Family. We know these won’t be your primary reasons for joining CADRE if you are accepted, but don’t be surprised if you see a significant increase in the quality of your conversations and friendships.

Sometimes what you need may be learning a new skill or receiving an idea for your business. Other times, being able to talk with someone going through the same challenge as you is just what the doctor ordered.

We create the space for all types of beautiful interactions to take place.

Ways to Connect

Cadre Committees

If you opt-in, you will be placed in a committee with 4-5 other CADRE members (meetings are every two months). Each of you will get 20-30 minutes to share a current challenge or opportunity you are working through professionally, or personally. Each committee member will provide and receive feedback and support based on their unique perspectives and experiences to give one another clarity, direction, and accountability on your challenges and opportunities.

Committees will be assigned based on your industry, expertise, and/or your current priorities. Members typically remain in a committee for a few rounds before being assigned to a new group. If you don’t love your group, we’ll find one that you will love.

Un-Networking Roundtables

Our Un-Networking Roundtables take place in person or over zoom and place 10-12 of our members together for 75 minutes. Each member will have 6-8 minutes to introduce their business, current areas of focus, and/or anything they could use help with right now. It could be introductions, getting feedback, investors, etc. Our members show up at these roundtables eager to learn how they can help each other.

Short and Sweet

Offered monthly, these quick, 30-minute sessions will place you with two other members to accelerate intimacy and mutual camaraderie in a short amount of time. We provide prompts to help you develop and deepen relationships, so you’ll get to know each other beyond the title, company, and resume.


The past few years have been challenging for many of us. As successful professionals, we spend a lot of time in our heads and not much time in our hearts. We want to be a place not only for sharing business insights but also for navigating feelings and experiences that are usually taboo within business groups. HeartSpace is a place for our members to work through some of life’s more challenging issues—together. Past topics include handling regret, imposter syndrome, and mortality.

In-Person Social Events

We host various events throughout the year for our members, including our Annual Holiday Party, The CADRE Cookout, Guys and Ladies Nights, Happy Hours, and more.

Online Connecting

We have several ways for our members to engage online. Between our active Facebook Group, a weekly “Ask for help” email, and within our private member website, you’ll find it easy to develop and deepen relationships with other CADRE members.