If you qualify, you become part of a network of CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners, who are incredibly diverse—in their businesses, backgrounds, perspectives and connections.

More importantly, they share a passion for helping others and have the influence, resources and/or connections to make an impact.

However, what makes CADRE unique is who we keep out. Most of our “secret sauce” lies in the curation of our members and speakers. This is why we carefully vet potential members and only extend an invitation to those who share in our mindset, and who possess the ability to routinely create meaningful impacts on the businesses and lives of the other members.


Our focus has always been on quality, as opposed to being big, or being all things to all people. In fact, we proactively removed 25 members during our first year because they weren’t a good fit. (Fortunately, this pace has slowed to a halt as we have gotten better at vetting prospective members on the front-end.)

Learning from the smartest experts and interacting with only exceptional people is worth more to you in time saved (and dollars earned) than attending more mediocre events or having more conversations with average professionals.

If you take time away from your business or personal priorities, you need to make it count. Every time.

This is an elite group, and we’ve earned—and kept—our members’ trust by maintaining a community exclusively of remarkable people.

Our members all have successful businesses, which give them the luxury to focus on how they can contribute to the success of their fellow members.

When you can be confident you are around nothing but like-minded people who like helping others, you can let your guard down. And as it turns out, this leads to connections and opportunities that are more authentic and impactful.


When our members come together, it’s to exchange ideas, advice and opportunities—not business cards. However, many of our members frequently hire and refer one another, which stems from knowing they are interacting with someone who is focused on their best interests – not making a sale.

Much of the value you derive in CADRE comes from the variety of ways you will collaborate with the members.

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