If you know any CADRE members, you have likely heard them rave about the quality of the people in this community. When vetting prospective members, our “secret sauce” lies in our curation.

If you qualify to become a member of CADRE, you become part of a remarkable network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners, who are incredibly diverse—in their businesses, backgrounds, perspectives, and connections.

Having achieved some success in business and life is part of the criteria for joining this community. Most of our members have built seven, eight, and nine-figure businesses. We have 30+ members who have exited at least one business.

All of our members have (or had) successful businesses, which gives them the luxury to show up with a focus on developing and deepening long-term relationships.

They are not worried about making payroll in three months, which allows them to focus on how they can contribute to the success of their fellow members rather than showing up to see what they can gain from an interaction.

More importantly, they share a passion for helping others and have the influence, resources, and connections to impact their fellow members' lives.

When you can be confident you are around only people looking to build long-term relationships without an agenda, you can let your guard down. And as it turns out, this leads to connections and opportunities that are more authentic and impactful than what is typically experienced in more traditional professional groups.

This is an elite group of humans, and we’ve earned—and kept—our members’ trust by maintaining a carefully, curated community of remarkable people.

When our members come together, it’s to exchange ideas, advice, and opportunities—not business cards. However, many of our members frequently hire and refer one another, which stems from knowing they are interacting with someone focused on their best interests—not making a sale.

In addition to success in business and a give-first mentality, we are looking for members who are hungry and humble. Hungry for more wisdom and humility that creates the space for this growth to occur. Most of our members are looking to opt out of the paths we have been collectively traveling.

Whether it’s business, investing, education, spirituality, parenting, health, etc., if you think there is a better way for you to approach something, you will find many members with interest in sharing ideas and wisdom around a wide variety of topics.

We are not everyone’s cup of tea, and our goal is to be as honest and transparent as possible so you can determine if applying for membership makes sense. While you are reading through the information on this website, we are proactively trying to convince you not to apply if you will not be a good fit.