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February 8, 2023
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Capital Turnaround
700 M St Southeast,
Washington, DC 20003
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Are you ready to make your next big move?

Whether it’s an investment, a new hire, an acquisition, or some other project, your next step carries both opportunity and risk. That’s the game we play as entrepreneurs.

As we make bigger and faster decisions, it becomes more important than ever to surround ourselves with the right people and the right ideas.

But here’s the secret: the right people and the right ideas aren’t always where you expect them to be. They’re hidden in closely-held chat groups, high-ticket networking groups, and exclusive in-person events.

CADRE was designed to bring you those same people and those same ideas in a close-knit community of seasoned and vetted entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our annual event, CADREcon, is where we all meet up to share our biggest and best ideas.

What is CADREcon?

CADREcon is a one-day immersive “un-networking” event hosted in Washington, DC. and is the one CADRE each year that is open to non-members. Over the course of the day, you’ll be introduced to fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs who, like you, are hungry for deep connection and big ideas.

We’ve designed CADREcon from the ground up to be unlike other “traditional” networking events. Instead of dry, endless keynote presentations, we host short TED-style talks in a “choose your own adventure” format.

“As good as any Ted event I’ve been to.”

Heather Combs

"One of the best events that I've ever attended."

Kathy Fowler 

"I was beyond impressed!"

Alan Stein

"Bite-size ideas with a magnitude 10 impact"

Friderike Butler

"Cadrecon will quench even the thirstiest for knowledge."

Jesse Konig

"One of the best events in DC!"

Joe Mechlinski

"I went to see one speaker and ended up seeing 11 inspirational talks!"

Kay Bransford

"One of the most engaging events I've ever attended."

Dr. Bruce Kehr

What do you need most right now?

The roller coaster of entrepreneurship can bring you to the highest highs and the lowest lows. At any given point, we can swing from one state to another. That’s the game of entrepreneurship. But that doesn’t mean you have to experience it alone.

CADREcon is crafted to bring you the people, insights, and opportunities that serve you most. Sometimes it feels like taking a vitamin, such as new relationships and new ideas. Other times, it feels like taking medicine, such as facing difficult truths, making hard decisions, and receiving some tough love. Whatever you’re working on or facing right now, our agenda and members will give you a dose of what’s good for you.



At CADREcon 2023



Aubrey Marcus

The day will conclude with a keynote from Aubrey Marcus, the founder of Onnit, a globally disruptive brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. This session includes a formal talk from Aubrey, followed by an AMA Q&A.



Show me your habits, I'll show you your destiny. Destiny is not a mystery. Destiny is a daily habit. You have to make or break the habits that will make or break you.

Mark serves as lead visionary for The Dream Collective, which equips and supports dreamers who long for revival in the church, reformation in the kingdom, and renaissance in culture. Mark holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Regent University and is the author of 23 books including the New York Times bestselling The Circle Maker.


Christina Daves

Go from Established to KNOWN!

Christina Daves

PR Strategist, Christina Daves works with professionals taking them from established to known through media using her proven Get PR Famous™ formula. She has personally appeared in over 1,000 local and national media outlets and is a regular contributor on Good Morning Washington. She is also an on-air guest host at QVC and hosts an online television program for Daily Ad Brief. Together with her clients, they have over 1 billion views and have generated over $100 million in sales from free publicity.

Go from Established to KNOWN!

Are you your industry’s best kept secret? If no one knows about you, how can you grow your business to the level and success you want? You’re established in your business but are you sought after and the go-to expert in your industry? This session will take you through the proven Get PR Famous™ Formula that shows you the simple 3-step system to learn how to land in the media and take you and your business from established to known.


Darryl Hicks

A Recipe for Retention
All the Ingredients You Need to Co-Create a Winning Culture

Darryl Hicks

Darryl is a serial entrepreneur having created over 1,000 jobs across the 8 businesses he founded or co-founded. In 2009 he had over 250 employees but woke up one day to realize his company culture had become toxic and he vowed to learn from those lessons and find a better way. His current business, FlexPay, is a Venture-Backed FinTech that uses AI to help large subscription companies reduce customer churn from failed payments. FlexPay's eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is at the 88th percentile of all SaaS businesses globally, over 55% of his employees chose to invest cash to purchase equity in the company, the business has only lost 2 employees it didn't want to lose since the beginning of the pandemic, and FlexPay placed top 10 in the Great Places to Work survey. Darryl is going to share with you the scalable, repeatable framework he's built so that you too can build a world class company culture that keeps your best people highly engaged, productive, and raving fans of their job.


Eli Facenda

The Secrets Of Maximizing Luxury Travel On Points

Eli Facenda

Have you ever wondered how some people are galavanting across the world flying in premier first class seats and staying at incredibly luxurious 5-star hotels all on credit card points? If you're like most you have probably seen these people on social media but felt like you don't have the time to figure out the strategies they are leveraging to make this all possible. In this presentation, Eli will pull back the curtain to show you the most optimal strategies to help you get 5-10x more first class flights and luxury hotel stays on your credit card points. You will learn how to maximize the points you earn on the money you are already spending, how to get 2-5x value out of the points you already have, and how to strategically get top status with different airline and hotel loyalty programs. By leveraging these advanced credit and points strategies you will learn how to travel the world in luxury entirely on points!

Eli 'The Travel Guy' Facenda is a travel loving entrepreneur with a nerd-like passion for maximizing credit card points for world class travel experiences. Eli has visited 40 countries in the last 5 years and is able to leverage credit card points to get on average around $100k of luxury travel per year. He is the founder of Freedom Travel Systems where he and his team help travel loving business owners maximize luxury travel on points without the headaches or wasted time trying to figure it out. His favorite flight was flying in the $15,000 first class seat the Emirates A380, his favorite country to visit is Japan, and his favorite credit card is the Amex Gold.


Harry Grammer

Manifesting Your Triple Bottom Line
People, Planet, Profit: How to Permaculture Your Business for Maximum Impact

Harry Grammer

Harry brings his leadership and lived experience, with a background in teaching spoken word poetry and advocacy to systems-impacted and incarcerated youth, to his continuing work as an activist and educator. He founded New Earth in 2004 and has been instrumental in reforming the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles for 20 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Community, Liberation, & Eco-Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, the result of decades of devotion to the four components of creating and supporting a healthy society – environment, wellness, education, and expression. While Harry’s approach to life and work acknowledges the trauma he’s experienced, his tireless curiosity drives his self-healing education, research, and practice forward. His life’s mission is to share what he’s discovered along the way to support the success of others. He connects the dots on how building a business that includes local communities and incorporates regenerative practices can have quantitative impact on personal fulfillment and the bottom line.

Harry is an international keynote and TEDx speaker. Harry’s global travel has taken him to more than 30 countries, where he’s spoken and supported communities through service in India, Central America, Europe, and Africa. In 2017, he was honored as a CNN Hero is a regular guest on the network. In 2018, Harry was personally selected by President and Mrs. Obama as one of 20 inaugural Obama Foundation Fellows from over 20,000 applicants in 191 countries. Michelle has called Harry “an impact-maker everyone should be paying attention to.”


Katherine Liola

Break the Last Barrier to a Thriving Life
A personal guide to design your life with exploration and healing to fully be your true self.

Katherine Liola

As the oldest of five kids and a self-starter from day one, Katherine Liola, founder and CEO of Concentric Private Wealth, learned early on that empowering people to live their best lives requires an intention of leaning into and integrating one’s personal strengths, life values and deepest desires. Focusing on alignment brings greater clarity, financial confidence and fulfillment.

A sought-after industry speaker, Katherine has been featured on Bloomberg Radio, and quoted in several national publications – from the Wall Street Journal and USA Today to InvestmentNews. Katherine has helped inspire and transform how people live their lives and think about what is most important to them with her own video series Financial Fitness Friday and her IGNITED platform. She has also collaborated with CNBC as part of their financial literacy project, Invest in You: Ready. Set. Grow and is currently preparing to launch a podcast interviewing leaders sharing their personal journey of their human experience.

When not creating, Katherine is usually out running or jumping on a plane for an adventure. As much as Katherine loves to move, some of her most favorite moments are at home simply listening to music with her husband and reading stories with her three kids.


Marcus Sheridan

Becoming the Voice of Trust in Your Space
5 Keys to Immediately Standing Out, Grabbing Attention, and Winning Over Today's Digital Buyer

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker known for his unique ability to excite, engage, and motivate audiences.

Forbes named Marcus “One of 20 Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” He has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and featured in Inc., The Globe and Mail, Forbes, and many more.

As an owner of IMPACT, Marcus has established one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country. Within his speaking company, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc., he gives over 70 global keynotes annually where he inspires audiences in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and communication. Mashable rated his book, They Ask, You Answer, the “#1 Marketing Book”, and Forbes listed it as one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read”.


Melanie Spring

WHO ARE YOU (without your business)?

Melanie Spring

Creative visionary Melanie Spring has over 20 years of experience helping others build their personal and professional brands, giving them the tools to be fully expressed. The leader of the Brilliant Rebellion, Melanie is the CEO of Confidancia, a company built to host retreats worldwide for entrepreneurs and C-suite executives to discover their brilliance.

If you were to sell your business today, is your personal brand strong enough to stand on its own? I'm not talking about your social media, your personal website, your colors or styles, or even your searchability - I'm talking about YOU. Who are YOU? People are talking about you, so what are they saying?

This talk will help you discover the truth of who you are as you step into your full expression and then into the work you're really here to do. It's your turn to show up & show off as the leader you were born to be - even without your business.


Nema Semnani

The Reasons Deals Don't Close

Nema Semnani

Nema Semnani is the Founder and President of Precision Sales Consulting, which is a Sandler Training Company dedicated to helping companies drive revenue, profitability, and people development through scalable sales training, management training, coaching, and process development. Nema has spent his career driving sales, management, and process implementation for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, developing sales processes, sales training programs, building sales teams, and leading business development initiatives for innovative startups.

Did you know that 96% of opportunities don't close due to only a handful of reasons? I bet you didn' I bet you didn't know that 74% of statistics are made up and as Abraham Lincoln said "53% of quotes are misattributed." What's the point? Glad you asked. When selling to the modern buyer, the rules have changed, yet these selling obstacles still persist. This 101 and 201 session may be valuable if you or your team have encountered any of the following selling challenges:

  • Buyers not understanding the value your product/service provides and instead focusing on price
  • Buyers claiming 'interest' yet it "not being the right time," which leads to delays and indecision
  • Buyers attempting to commoditize your product/service
Oftentimes, even the most seasoned of sales professionals think they have a closing problem, when in actuality, it's a qualifying problem. When sellers learn how to qualify stringently and diffuse the most prevalent obstacles in advance, they find selling far more effective, profitable, and fun.


Patrice Webb

How to Be a Kindness Gangsta

Patrice Webb

After over 20 years in public affairs working to create public private partnerships to solve policy and market-based problems, Patrice Webb is on a mission to reframe narratives and reimage possibilities for underserved and under heard communities with the Indwelling Consultancy LLC. and the KindnessGangsta strategy for life.

Indwelling Consultancy, LLC, works with the creative and public health community to build unique partnerships, resources and experiences that support health equity. The KindnessGangsta strategy is a way of thinking, writing, living, and creating content that focuses on being kind to one self-first and prioritizing mental health.

As a seasoned behavior change strategist and organizational scientist, Patrice applies the same principles to the self that would be applied to building and implementing an organizational change strategy. Kindness to oneself is the result of intentionally building an internal operating system based on principles of healing the body and the mind. Using cognitive behavioral therapy tactics, it is possible to rewire to the tune of kindness.

Patrice is ultimately a content creator, producer, moderator, and consultant with a track record of changing mind sets. Currently, she’s working in partnership with artists, musicians and creators who want to disrupt conversations and break new ground when creating content by helping clients tap into new ways to excite, inspire, motivate and surprise using behavioral science. When not working in the service of others, she fosters for the Humane Rescue Alliance, volunteers with health and healing focused entrepreneurs from her home town of Baltimore, and moves her body to dance, spin, or run ensuring the next great idea doesn’t get stuck.


Paul Gustavson

The Power of Imagination

Paul Gustavson

Paul Gustavson, is an executive in the tech industry and author of the brand-new book IMAGINE.

As the CTO of SimVentions, Paul leads in identifying and contributing to the company’s capability and influencing the strategic vision. SimVentions has been recognized as one of Virginia’s Best Places to Work and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of “The Best Places to Work” in 2016 and 2022.

Paul also has a passion for cultivating leadership. He believes that by sharing experiences and the future we imagine, we can encourage others to persevere with hope and offer practical tools for the journey. His other books include Breaking Average, Leaders Press On, and Speech Blueprint. He is a co-host of the Breaking Average Podcast, a founding member of the John Maxwell Team, and a long-time contributor in the Modeling and Simulation world. Paul and his wife Barbara live in Virginia.


Re Perez

The Future of Personal Branding

Re Perez

Re Perez is a former Fortune 500 Brand Consultant turned Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO of Branding For The People, a strategic branding agency that helps entrepreneurs build best-in-class brands.

Founded in 2011, the agency has advised thousands of CEO/Founder Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur/Investors, Marketing teams, and conscious business leaders around the world. Re is also the author of the best-selling book Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not): The Art and Science of Creating an Authentic Brand. As a member of B1G1, part of the agency proceeds are given to high-impact cause projects.

Re’s storied career includes senior-level positions at top global branding firms, including BrandLink, Interbrand, Reputation Management Institute, Siegel+Gale, and TMP Worldwide, where he gained invaluable experience consulting to AREVA, Abbott Nutrition, Amersham Biosciences, GE Money, Lilly, Nalco, Novo Nordisk, Nielsen Company, TD Ameritrade, and Xerox.

As a keynote speaker, Re electrifies every audience and brings forward-thinking insights, actionable content, and practical tips for every business owner and marketing team. His speaking portfolio includes major entrepreneurial conferences including: Baby Bathwater, CADRECon, EO’s Global Leadership Conference, Infusionsoft’s ICON and PartnerCon, SellerCon, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Ontrapalooza, Social Media Week Austin, and Thrive: Make Money Matter (to name a few). He has been interviewed on several Podcasts and is a faculty teacher for Growth Institute.

Re holds a degree in Organizational Behavior & Communications from New York University. He has lived in Florida, New York City, Dubai, and San Diego, but currently resides in Austin, TX.

In today’s hyper-connected, socially-informed, and media-driven world, the interest of Personal Branding continues to rise among entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and employees. Gone are the days when a "polished" image was everything. Now “polished” is suspect, stories are scripted, and messaging is spun. New questions arise as we think about the future of Personal Branding: (1) How can Personal Brands be authentic and vulnerable without fear of being "cancelled"? (2) How can Personal Brands be visible, while also maintaining a sense of privacy? and (3) Why should someone even build a Personal Brand when they own or represent a strong Business Brand? This talk will address these questions and more.


Will Hamilton

Don't create a course. Instead, create a PLAYBOOK.

Will Hamilton

Will won his high school talent show for his rendition of Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag." Now he teaches tennis on the Internet.


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